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Lorraine Berry: Completed degrees at the University of Washington before continuing on to a prestigious Ph.D. program at Cornell University. I spent five years there, completing my Master's degree, and becoming A.B.D. in European history before deciding that what had attracted me to history was the opportunity to tell stories, which - despite having begun to publish articles in academic journals - I decided would be better practiced outside of academia and the historical field. Worked for a few years at a sports media publishing company, writing and editing trade magazines aimed at athletic managers and coaches, before taking a job at SUNY Cortland. There, I was the Project Director for NeoVox, a student magazine, in addition to teaching courses in writing creative nonfiction and writing for magazines. And yet I remained unhappy in my career choice, but pursued the life of a writer by, well, writing, publishing over 100 freelance articles while employed at the State University of New York.

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My decision to join up with my partner, Rob, in order to found amberSands Creative, was both a leap of faith, and a sign of my confidence that I was in a unique position to work with clients looking for someone to help them express themselves. I bring to amberSands a working knowledge of the publishing world and its requirements, and years of experience teaching others how to get the most from their own writing. My years of interviewing some of America's most talented writers shows a knack for drawing forth the ideas and desires that matter to people, while my published work shows strong evidence that I can write the hell out of anything, be it a profile of a wealthy donor to an existential exploration of loss and continuity.

Rob Stiene: I got nothing. Okay, that's an understatement. Between graduating with a degree in "creative writing and rhetoric" and now, I've been a reporter, a commercial director, a graphic designer, a very successful freelancer, an ad agency VP and creative director. I make ideas into things.

We make ideas into things...that inspire, incite, motivate, inform, and sell.