Article: “Gingko”

Lorraine Berry experimental essay in Diagram

In this creative nonfiction essay, Lorraine experimented with the form of the essay, creating an experimental literary piece that juxtaposed life and death, and water as liquid and solid in order to explore elements of loss. The subtext of the essay is about the anxiety caused by invasive species--in this case, species of new plants that have overwhelmed the native fauna and caused its demise--as a means of confronting readers with our current anxieties about immigration.

The essay was picked up by the prestigious journal, Diagram, edited by Ander Monson. "Gingko" is a work of literature, rather than a feature article, and demonstrates the range of Lorraine's interests and writing. In her literary work, she continues to experiment with subject, form, and vocabulary, testing the boundaries of Montaigne's original form, the essai.

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