Article: “The Internet is an ideal home for the essay”

Lorraine Berry ambersands creative amber sands Guardian women essay writers

In this article, Lorraine argues that, rather than signaling the death of literature, as many cultural critics had feared, the Internet has provided a space for the renaissance of the essay, one that is being led by American women writers. The article was published on the "Books" page of the British newspaper, The Guardian, and was widely read in the U.S., Australia, and Great Britain.

An excerpt: "The streets of America may be “haunted by the ghosts of bookstores”, with writers hovering “between a decent poverty and an indecent one” as Leon Wieseltier suggests, but even as the internet has wreaked havoc on literary culture, American women have been fomenting a renaissance in the essay. Leslie Jamison, Meghan Daum, Rebecca Solnit, Roxane Gay and Maggie Nelson are just some of a new band of writers who have taken Montaigne’s project to know the self into the digital age."

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