Article: “Keurig and Me: A Coffee Lover’s Confession”

Lorraine Berry ambersands creative amber sands DAME magazine Keurig coffee controversy

As many did, Rob and Lorraine thought the Keurig coffee-making system would simplify their lives. But, after the fun of the novelty of trying various permutations of high-altitude coffee beans, they concluded that the combination of waste production, high costs, and inferior taste meant that the only logical action was to go back to drinking coffee brewed in a more traditional manner. Trouble was, by the time they came to this decision, it felt as if everyone had become (Keurig) pod people, and finding real coffee was a task equivalent of a pilgrimage.

An excerpt: "Before we bought the machine, we read that K-Cups would soon be recyclable. That eased our conscience about the little bits of plastic crap piling up in our garbage. After 18 months, though, it was becoming unbearable: We couldn't continue with the cup thing. How could we claim to support green politics when we were contributing to waste? My students were writing about islands of plastic garbage in the Pacific, and here we were contributing hundreds (okay, maybe thousands) of K-Cups to it. I worried, Could a whale suck a K-Cup into its blowhole?"

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