Interview: Caitlin Moran

Caitlin Moran is one of the most successful writers and entertainers in Great Britain. She has penned three bestsellers, including the mega-hit, How To Be a Woman. When I was given a commission by a certain feminist magazine to interview Moran in advance of her book, Moranthology, being released in North America, I was pleased. But, in a series of events that are outlined in the article, Moran said something on Twitter that got her sent to the bad feminist's corner, and I sold the interview to Salon.

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After the interview was published, one couldn't read the feminist Internet for days following without seeing my name and Moran's. The issue at hand was whether it was appropriate for feminist publications to start banning feminist writers for perceived misbehaviour on Twitter. (For reactions in the media, see below.)

An excerpt: "There are American feminists, especially people like Hanna Rosin, who’ve insisted that feminism is over because women have won — you may not have heard this news — and everything’s right now.

I kind of figure that might have been on the news if that were the case — you know, at the point when black people got the vote, that was on the news, and when women got the vote, that was on the news — if women had actually won the sex war. Women kind of won because 1 percent of the world’s wealth lies in women’s hands. That’s a World Bank statistic. The other 99 percent of the wealth lies in the hands of men. When even the World Bank is rolling out a status as fucking scary and meaningful as that, of course we haven’t won. How many world leaders are there? You can sit them around a very small coffee table. That’s just balls."

Read the full article here.

Reactions in the media:

From The European Magazine: The feminist magazine Bitch refused to publish an interview with Moran against the wishes of the journalist who had been responsible for it, Lorraine Berry. Berry then demanded an explanation from Moran as well as from “Bitch Magazine.”

From Jezebel: Interviewer Lorraine Berry ended up running it on Salon, with Moran's expanded explanation.