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Now a regular reviewer and essayist for Penguin/Random House’s “Read It Forward,” Lorraine was previously a regular book reviewer and writer for their Signature Reads literary site, the goal of which ws "to make well-read sense of the world. We believe that books remain at the core of what educates and inspires us, and can be used to help us better grasp the world in which we live."

For example, in "Your Favorite Classic Myths Reimagined in 10 Books," Lorraine looked at modern books with special relevance for today by reaching back into mythic history.

Lorraine Berry is a regular book reviewer and writer for Signature Reads

In "Language Matters: The True Definition of the 'Working Class,'" she explored the modern (and often misleading) use of this loaded term, using Steven Stoll's "Ramp Hollow" as one of her literary guideposts. "In a fascinating discussion of the concept of 'subsistence, Stoll marshals evidence to demonstrate that the commonly understood definition of the word, which indicates a sort of hand-to-mouth existence, is not an accurate description of the subsistence farming done in the Appalachian region.... The people of Appalachia deserve to have their situation understood in the light of a history of systemic exploitation that has worked to create whatever shortcomings outsiders see in the communities."